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95th Annual Charles County Fair                            September 13-16, 2018                                              La Plata, Maryland
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Department B - Goats
Superintendent Jeanne Herbert All Dairy Goats must be owned and registered in name of exhibitor by July 1 of the current year. Exception: Goats in Junior Kid class must have registration papers OR certification that application has been made.  Papers will be checked. Entries received and displayed in the Livestock Buildings near the South Entrance.
Dairy Breeds Meat Breeds AL Alpine BO Boer (Fullblood) LM La Mancha XB Cross-Boer (Percentage) NU Nubian XX     Crossbred (Commercial OB Oberhasli ZZ Market SA Saanen TO Toggenburg RG Recorded Grades ND    Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Classes Class Description 1. Junior kid born on or after April 1, 2015 2. Senior kid born between Jan. 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015 3. Dry yearling under 24 months, never freshened 4. Junior champion 5. Milking yearling under two years and freshened 6. Doe in milk 2-3 years 7. Doe in milk 3-4 years 8. Doe in milk 4-5 years 9. Doe in milk 5 years and older 10. Dam and daughter 11. Senior champion 12. Champion by breed 13. Best in show dairy Goat Meat Goat Classes Class Description 15. Junior Doe under 6 month 16. Senior Doe 6 to 12 months 17. Yearling Does over 1, under 2 18. Doe over 2 years 19. Champion by breed 20. Best of show meat goat 21. Market Goats all breeds (MUST BE BORN AFTER JAN. 1, 2013) (A) lightweight (B) medium weight (C) heavyweight 22. Champion Market Goat 23. Reserve champion market goat 25. Pair Market Goats 26. Champion Pair Market Goats .
Special Note: All Livestock Exhibitors should review all applicable rules, regulations and guidelines.
Department C - Sheep
Department A - Beef and Dairy Cattle
Additional Information  1. A Maryland Department of Animal Health “certificate of veterinary Inspection” must accompany all show animal and presented for review priorto unloading. 2. All dairy goats must be tattooed and registered to the exhibitor. Junior does may present a copy of registry application. 3. All meat goats must be tattooed or tagged and must have scrapie tags also. 4. Each exhibitor may enter and show only show two animals per class. 5. If animals are shown in dairy class, they cannot be shown in meat classes and vice versa 6. Females and wethers only will be allowed on the grounds. 7. All pens must be clean before leaving on Sunday. 8. Wethers only in market class 9. Meat animals may have horns if blunt tipped Online Entries Online Entries
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