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94th Annual Charles County Fair                            September 14-17, 2017                                              La Plata, Maryland
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Department E - Poultry
Superintendent Nancy Dudley (301) 246-4262 Entries will be received on Wednesday, September 14th from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.   Champion Trophies will be awarded for Large Fowl, Bantam, Duck, Turkey & Goose Sections. Premiums: 1st - $4.00 2nd - $3.00 3rd - $2.00 Best of Show Trophy and Ribbon Award   Class Champion Ribbons presented in many sections Entries received and displayed in the Poultry Building near the South Entrance.
Classes for each breed in Section 1 thru 6. 1. Cock hatched prior to current year 2. Hen hatched prior to current year 3. Cockerel hatched during current year 4. Pullet hatched prior to current year Type A. American B. Asiatic C. English D. Mediterranean E. Continentals F. Any other recognized breed (Specify) G. Crossbreed SECTION 1: Purebred Large Fowl Breed Classes AMERICAN ASIATIC CONTINENTALS MEDITERRANEAN ANY OTHER BREEDS Plymouth Rock Brahmas Barnevelders Leghorns Modern Games Wyandotte I Cochins Hamburgs Minorcas Old English Games Rhode Island Red Langshans Campines Spanish Sumatras Rhode Island White Lakenvelders Blue Andalusians Ameraucanas New Hampshire. Polish Anconas Malays Jersey Giant ENGLISH Houdans Buttercups Araucanas Dominiques Dorking Crevecoeurs Catalanas Cubalayas Lamonas. Redcaps La Fleche Frizzles Javas Cornish Faverolles Phoenix Buckeyes Orpingtons Welsummers Naked Necks Chanteclers Sussex Yokohamas Hollands Australorps Aseels Delawares Shamos   Sultans SECTION 2: Production Hens Type A. Brown Eggs B. White Eggs SECTION 3: Meat Type A. Broilers (7-9 weeks) B. Roasters (10-12 weeks) SECTION 4: Bantams Type A. Single Comb - Clean legged B. Rose Comb - Clean legged C. Any other Comb - Clean legged D. Feather legged E. Old English game F. Modern game G. Crossbreed SECTION 4- PUREBRED BANTAM BREED CLASSES SINGLE COMB MODERN GAMES ROSE COMB CLEAN ANY OTHER COMB CLEAN LEGGED OLD ENGLISH LEGGED CLEAN LEGGED Anconas GAMES Anconas Ameraucana Andalusians FEATHER LEGGED Antwerp Belgians Araucanas Australorps Booted Dominiques Buttercups Campines Brahmas Dorkings Buckeyes Catalanas Cochins Hamburgs Chanteclers Delawares Faverolles Leghorns Cornish Dutch Langshans Minorcas Crevecoevrs Dorkings Silkies Redcaps Cubalaya Frizzles Sultans Rhode Island Reds Houdans Hollands Rhode Island Whites La Fleche Japanese Rosecombs Malays Javas Seabrights Polish Jersey Giants Wyandottes Shamos Lakenvelders Samatras Lamonas Yokohamas Leghorns Minorcas Naked Neck New Hampshires Orpingtons Phoenix Plymouth Rocks Rhode Island Reds Spanish Sussex   SECTION 5: Guineas Type A. Pearl B. White C. Lavender SECTION 6: Game birds Type A: Pheasants B. Quail   Section 7: Classes for Turkeys 1. Old Tom-male hatched prior to current year 2. Young Tom-male hatched during current year 3. Old Hen-female hatched prior to current year 4. Young Hen-female hatched during current year Type A. Domestic (All Breeds) B. Wild   Section 8: Classes for Ducks 1. Old Drake-male hatched prior to current year 2. Young Drake-male hatched during current year 3. Old Duck-female hatched prior to current year 4. Young Duck-female hatched during current year Type A. Bantam (Specify) B. Light weight (Specify) C. Mediumweight (Specify) D. Heavyweight (Specify))   SECTION 9: Classes for Geese 1. Old Gander-male 2. Old Goose-female 3. Young Gander-male 4. Young Goose-female Type A. Light weight (Specify) B. Medium weight (Specify) C. Heavy weight (Specify
 Department F  - Rabbits
Department D - Swine
Entering a Poultry Exhibit  Printable Entry Form  Please be sure to fill out entry form completely. Be sure you have a section type and class for each entry and a description.  Entry Mailing Address Nancy Dudley  8320 Bowie Road,  Nanjemoy, MD 20662 Online Entries Online Entries
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Department of Agriculture
Additional Information   1. All poultry must be pre-registered. The completed fair entry form for each bird must be mailed to the superintendent no later than August 25, 2015. Please mail entries to the superintendent at the entry address. 2. All Exhibitors flocks must be registered with MDA. All Poultry need a negative pullorum test and Avia Influenza Certificate. Also, all Waterfowl need the Avian influenza Certificate. You must present your original Pullorum-Typhoid Certificate at the time you enter your birds. This is mandatory for the Superintendents verification of authenticity before your birds can be cooped-in. The original certificate will be returned to you at time of coop-out. 3. Birds will be accepted at the poultry building between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday. No changes in entries on day of arrival. 4. Any entries showing signs of disease will be disqualified and must be removed from the building by the owner. Failure to do so, owner will forfeit all premiums. 5. No cards or inscriptions will be allowed on coops until after judging is completed 6. Poultry will be fed, watered and cared for by the Poultry Dept. staff, however, you must be sure that all your birds are fed and watered at time of coop-in. 7. Exhibitors may remove their birds from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 20 or Monday, September 21 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. If any birds are left after 11:00 a.m. Monday, they will be left at the owner’s risk. Any poultry sold by the exhibitors must be cooped out by that owner. 8. All reasonable care will be taken of your birds, but the Charles County Fair and its volunteers will not be responsible for any accident loss or damage for any reason. 9. Please remember we are an all volunteer organization if you would like to help out please contact the superintendent. 10. Please call the superintendents if you have any questions regarding sex, breed or variety of your bird. 11. No live poultry are to be offered for sale during the fair. 12. Poultry need self certificate form. Please be sure to fill out entry form completely. Be sure you have a section type and class for each entry and a description. Classes for each breed in Section 1 thru 6. Poultry need self certificate form. 13. Birds must be 4 months or older (no peeps).