The Historic McConchie One-Room School is directly inside and to the right of the front gate that faces Fairground Road. The volunteer, non-profit Charles County Fair Board of Directors and the volunteer McConchie School Committee oversee and manage all activities related to the school. Originally located at Blossom Point Road and Route 6, the school opened in 1912 to serve African-American children and closed in 1952, when Charles County consolidated all of its schools. A private citizen bought the school and it became a family rental property. It was ready for demolition in 1992, when several Fair Board members moved it to the Charles County Fairgrounds. Mr. Mitchell Digges (now deceased) and Mr. George Dyson (also deceased), spearheaded the move. The Historic McConchie One-Room School is one of only three in Charles County currently open to the public. It is the only known one still in existence that originally served African- American students exclusively. The school now serves as a living museum and is open for tours and programs on the Fourth of July and during the Kris Kringle Christmas Market (three days) in December. Upon specific request by the public, it is open at other times for tours and special programs.

Come visit The Historic McConchie One-Room School at the Fairgrounds during the fair! Enter a time capsule as a student of 100 years ago and experience the fun and hardship of attending a one-room school.

To understand the McConchie Project and to watch interviews with former students, now in their eighties, please click on the following link: or watch below!

For more information about The Historic McConchie One-Room School, please e-mail: [email protected], [email protected] or call 301-848-3476.

For more information about The Historic McConchie One-Room School, please e-mail: [email protected], [email protected] or call 301-848-3476. For a complete history of the school, please click on the link, “The Historic McConchie One-Room School: Its History from 1912 through the Present Day”

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March 2021 Updated: Video Links

  • On Sunday, March 7, 2021, Immediate Past Facilitator Charlotte Weirich and Ed Holland had a wonderful interview with Ms. Tiffany Daniel, Host, “Live To Day Health Talk.”  As usual, Community Relations is pleased to get the word out on The Historic McConchie One-Room at the Charles County Fairgrounds Inc.  Check us out!
  • We were also highlighted in “Your Charles County” in February 2021!
A video that includes an update as of 2/15/21
McConchie One-Room School’s Black History Month Interview with Jennifer Harris, Chief of Media Services, Charles County Government.